35-pound Sweetwater Vineyard Cow Raises Spawning Ground Questions

Alex Bettencourt with his 43", 34.6-pound striper caught on May 11th.
Alex Bettencourt with his 43″, 34.6-pound striper caught on May 11th.

With so many small bass flooding the waters of the Cape and Islands, some folks are back to questioning whether there is a spawning population nearby, as opposed to the known natal waters such as the numerous rivers in the Chesapeake, the Hudson River, and the Delaware River.

Some small bass are known to winter over around these parts, but the fish that Alex Bettencourt caught on May 11 is no schoolie. He caught the 43-inch, 34.6-pound cow on the freshwater side of what is known as Head of the Pond, which is in the upper reaches of Lagoon Pond in Vineyard Haven. There is a herring run there and that is why folks fish the saltwater side for stripers, but this big bass apparently was perfectly happy living in sweet water with a ready supply of food, behavior more commonly found in the spawning striper populations to our south.

According to Steve Morris, Alex heard the big fish making a ruckus and made a cast with his Jumpin’ Minnow in the direction of the noise. As Doug Asselin said this Rebel Lure comes with “crappy hooks” and Alex hadn’t changed them out since he didn’t expect to catch anything that would challenge their strength. Fortunately, they survived the fray, along with Alex’s 15-pound leader.

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