25 Gifts Gifts For Fishermen in New England

25 Gifts Gifts For Fishermen in New England

Blog Piece By Mike Hogan:

The best gifts are those that the giftee will actually use. Each year at the Holidays I get asked what to get fishermen for gifts. Usually it wives and mom’s of fishing buddies so I know what they have already. So it’s easy. But even if I don’t know what your fisherman has already, I do know, that serious fisherman go through lures. Lot’s of them. So in the spirit of the Holidays, I’m adding this list of 25 high quality fishing lures every fisherman can use:

10” Original Hogy 4-pack, bone color: Our best selling soft plastic bait, this amazing lure has caught dozens and dozens of species, worldwide.

7” Original Hogy 5-pack, amber : Imitates a wide range of common baitfish, from menhaden to pilchards, sea herring to squid. A go-to soft plastic bait, popular and effective from New England to Florida, the Caribbean and the Gulf – and beyond.

7” Hogy Sand Eels, light color: The MOST authentic replication of this hugely important baitfish on the market! Irresistible to striped bass and tuna.

 10” Tandem Rigged Hogy, bone: Rigged and ready with re-useable Hogy tandem hook rig. The bait that started the tandem rigged soft bait revolution.

14” Tandem Rigged Hogy, Black Pearl: A fantastic replication of an American eel – one of the most important baits for big stripers and cobia.

 5” Hogy Flounder, 3-pack: Deadly effective for striped bass and grouper – there is no other bait on the market like it!

 Hogy Barbarian Swim Bait Hooks, weighted, size 12/0: Our exclusive design with screw in bait keeper. The STRONGEST hook for big soft baits – and big fish.

 Hogy-Standard Issue Perfect Tube: Trolling tubes are one of the best lures for striped bass used by anglers who fish from a boat. Our Perfect Tube is the BEST anywhere, with superior components and irresistible action in the water. Super popular!

Hogy Rigman Inshore Split Ring Pliers: Made of aluminum to resist saltwater corrosion, our Rigman Pliers work like a charm – and are very reasonably priced, too.

 Hogy Long Sleeve T-shirts: Brand new, available just in time for Christmas, heavy duty and a choice of your fisherman’s favorite species – striped bass, tuna, or tarpon – is silk screened on the front.

 Hogy Kid’s Apparel: Available in infant, toddler and kid’s sizes, our Hogy shirts and “one-sies” will be the envy of the playground!

Hogy Blue Max: If your angler fishes offshore for tuna, this special design lure – tuned, tested and proven – is sure to find a place in his offshore arsenal.

Hogy Swim Tins: A traditional design with an innovative new twist especially for soft plastic baits. Makes the bait swim with sinuous, eel-like motion. Used by both shore and boating anglers, in sizes from ½ to 3 ounces – buy an assortment!

Hogy-Standard Issue rigged Green Machine: One of the most iconic lures for offshore trolling for tuna, wahoo or big mahi, ours is super heavy duty with the BEST components, rigged and ready.

HLC Allshore Pliers: Lightweight, strong and durable. A must for every fisherman, our pliers are corrosion resistant aluminum with slip-proof jaws, sharp line cutters and sold with heavy duty nylon pouch and retaining cord.

 Standard Issue Vertical Jigs: Used for a wide variety of species including tuna, striped bass, wahoo, mahi, cod and haddock – and many others. Bone Glow and Mackerel are two of the most popular colors.

 Standard Issue 10/0 Assist Hooks (2-pack) Designed for use with our Vertical Jigs or any “speed jig.” The strongest hook on the market, rigged to withstand the assault of the biggest, baddest sportfish.

 Standard Issue Chili Pepper Stingers: Another option for use with our Vertical Jigs, especially popular with anglers who jig in deep water for cod, haddock and tuna.  Red Wine color is a great all-around choice.

 Hogy 10-inch Double Wide: One of our most popular lures with anglers who fish from shore and need to cast long distances. The Double Wide perfectly replicates herring, menhaden, goggle eyes, mullet and many other large baitfish. White and amber are the best all-around colors. Great for casting to tuna, too!

 Hogy Darter Heads: A unique jig head used anywhere a soft plastic lure needs to be fished deeper in the water column. Makes the lure swim in a seductive side-to side motion. Larger sizes are very popular with anglers who fish the Cape Cod Canal.

10″ Hogy Special Edition Silver color soft baits: The only soft plastic available that shows the silvery flash of a huge variety of baitfish such as mullet, herring and ballyhoo.

Hogy Roll-up Double Mesh storage bags: Finally – a practical, effective and inexpensive way to securely store big soft baits! Hogy’s own design, made to last years and will not react with our plastics. Available in 12 and 16-inch widths, with five pouches.

 Hogy 4-inch Skinny with 1/0 Weighted Swim Bait Hook: Our smallest bait but not small on results! Works great for stripers, redfish, sea trout and other species that key on very small bait at times. Sold in 5-packs, including a high quality Hogy weighted swim bait hook.

 Pro’s Soft Bait Glue: “Fish chew ‘em, we glue ‘em” – the best product available to repair torn or broken soft plastic baits. Easy to apply and dries almost instantly. Bring battle worn baits back to life!