2019 Holiday Gift Guide

A message from Capt. Mike – The coolest thing about owning an international fishing company is meeting all kinds of cool anglers from across the world. This year, for a twist to our traditional Holiday Gift Guide, we reached out to our pro staffers from across the country to put together a holiday gift guide based on their suggestions from the 2019 fishing season. Each recommendation is super interesting as the perspectives are so different since some captains fish only inshore and some fish only offshore. Not to mention the fact that these guys are from all over the place which only makes the recommendations more diverse. I hope you enjoy these recommendations as much as I did!


Capt. Mike Hogan
Hogy Lure CompanyFalmouth, Massachusetts
Specialization: Owner/President of Hogy Lure Company, inshore/offshore angler

  1. Simms Coldweather Shirt ($119.95)
    • While there isn’t much light tackle fishing on Cape Cod in the winter, there are some wonderful “warmer days” when the thermometer can reach 40+ degrees and you can slip out for clamming and winter hold over striper fishing in the creeks. This shirt has been around for years and apparently it was upgraded this year for “fit” but I never had any issues with the shirt. The shirt is the ultimate “Cape Cod” shirt. It’s super warm with multiple layers, including a windstopping layer. It’s quick dry so if you get misted on or take a wave, it will get dry fast . It’s so warm, I’ll sometimes wear as a jacket. I sometimes fit a medium and others a large. If you’re in between sizes and you don’t winter to layer with it, go smaller. It’s true to size if you want a few layers underneath. I’m a big flannel plaid guy and I would call the colors very New Englandy and it’s a winter work shirt that can be worn to a pub. Simply put, It’s a really good and warm shirt that will get use from October through May on the water here on Cape Cod.”
  2. MES 340G Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker ($399.99)
    • “I finally retired my master built smoker after many years of heavy use (and abuse) and I am ordering this one for myself as a holiday gift though I like to think it’s really a gift for my friends and family. Although I never really treated my smoker that well, it served me flawlessly over the years. I did not follow the guide always about leaving it outside. Let’s just say accidents happen and the smoker always forgave me. I know traditionalists sometimes look down at electric smokers but I call BS on that! Also, as a busy business owner and a dad with young kiddos, the ease and simplicity of an electric smoker is a must. Not only that, but this thing does an incredible job. I have smoked multi-bone prime rib roasts, chickens, turkeys, sausages and not to mention, countless bluefish in this thing. I love on Cape Cod and my smoker’s ability to maintain temperature in the wind is essential since it’s always windy. There is a built in meat thermometer that is spot on. The smoker also has bluetooth so you can check and adjust temperatures from inside. I did not actually use that function as working on the smoker outside was my happy place with my loaded up Yeti Roadie nearby. This smoker does an amazing job. It’s super easy to use and is compliant for a food snob like me. Email info@hogylures.com for tips on smoking and which IPAs to drink while smoking.”
  3. TB12 Plant Based Protein ($34.00)
    • “As far as the TB12 plant base protein goes, the single serve packs with a shaker-style tumbler are perfect for long days on the boat when you don’t want to break your program too badly with chips and jerky all day. Although I am very far from a vegetarian, I am now a convert to TB12’s plant based protein. It is hands down the best I’ve had mixed with just water and it does not have the sulfur tones that I associate with Whey proteins. Furthermore, the TB12 protein mixes super smoothly on the boat and does not have that chalky consistency or taste you might expect from a lessor quality protein.”
  4. TB12 Electrolytes ($15.00) 
    • “The electrolytes are nice to add to your water while spending long days in the sun. Sure, the electrolytes will help you stay hydrated but the TB12 flavors make drinking half your body weight in ounces more pleasurable. Just pop the cap on your water and a few drops later, you’re in business. That said, my requests/recommendations for IPA friendly flavored electrolytes have thus far been unanswered by TB12.”
  5. Hogy 3oz Pro Tail Paddle ($7.99 – $9.99)
    • “If I were to have JUST ONE lure (in one size and color) to target trophy fish around the world with, it would be our 6.5-inch 3oz Hogy Pro Tail Paddle in Bone UV. I have personally caught 40lb+ stripers, triple digit pound tarpon, monster snook and tuna pushing 300lbs. with this lure. This lure has a lot going for it. For starters, it can be cast, jigged or trolled. It’s just heavy enough to cast with even the heaviest outfits but just light enough to cast with a common medium heavy classic 7’ boat rod. This lure can be fished in still water or in current and notably, the hook is strong enough for any of the fish I mentioned above. The soft plastic is infused with UV reflective pigmentation which increase the lure’s visibility in deep water or on cloudy days which is an important feature for striper and tuna anglers alike. The plastic itself is made from virgin 3M plastic designed in Germany and is extremely durable so you will get a longer life out of this lure than any other pre-molded softbaits products out there that I am aware of.”
  6. Simms Right Angle Plus Replacement Footbed ($39.95) 
    • “Inside my pair of G3 Lug-Boot Foot Waders I treated myself for the holidays last year was the most amazing foot insoles. Historically, I associate walking around in waders as uncomfortable for my feet. They would always hurt. After just one day in these things, I felt like I could run a 5K in them. Shortly after falling in-love with my waders, I fished out the foot-beds and popped them in my ski boats, another boot I associate with foot pain. Much to my delight and surprise, I had no boot pain whatsoever. I have since boat 5 or 6 pairs of these insoles. I have walked over 20k steps in multiple instances with these footbeds in my shoes with no foot pain. I love these foot beds so much, I freaked out when I couldn’t find them on the simms site. (I had typed the search!) These footbeds belong in your ski boots, deck boots, sneakers and waders. Best $40 you’ll ever spend.”


Capt. Ross Gallagher
The Intrepid AnglerFlorida
Specialization: Light tackle tarpon enthusiasts & traveling angler 

  1. Hogy Slow Tail Swimbait Series ($7.99)
    • “The Slowtail Series product launch has been an exciting one for us here at Hogy Lures. After introducing our popular Pro Tai Paddle and Eel Series 4 years ago, we found a gap in our pre-rigged presentations for slow moving & lethargic trophy gamefish holding in shallow water or loafing near the surface. We needed a presentation that would be moved ultra-slow while offering just the right amount of action to entice a bite from pressured or finicky fish. After a year of R&D from New England to the Florida Keys, we finalized our production design and the results after launch have been outstanding. From big game to inshore saltwater anglers, the Slowtail Swim Bait has a perfect place in every saltwater anglers tackle box this holiday season!”
  2. Barracuda MagNet ($19.99)
    • “I bought the MagNet as a birthday gift to myself last winter. I had recently purchased a new to me bay boat that was almost totally satisfied with the layout. Being an avid lure and plug angler, I’d often find that an assortment of lures would accumulate in my console cup holders. We often find ourselves swapping out 3-4 presentations throughout the day and keeping them handing for a quick change is always convenient. The MagNet offers an adhesive backed film that easily applies to a clean console service. Before installing, make sure you monitor any magnetic interference with your on-board compass, and move far enough away that you don’t see any shift in heading. Mine situated neatly on the lower port corner of the console below the steering wheel. I can easily pile up a days worth of jigs and swim baits to the MagNet for quick access. The unit has some serious holding power, easily holding jigs upwards of 2oz or more while on step through chop. Inexpensive and effective, it’s a great gift recommendation!”
  3. Reef Road Black Tort / Copper Sunrise Gold Mirror H780 ($259.00)
    • “I made the switch over to Cocoa Beach, FL’s RCI Optics back in 2014 after having a number of disappointing experiences with quality and customer service from a popular sunglass manufacturer. After being recommended to try these frames and picking up my first pair, I was instantly impressed by the quality, clarity and polarization of RCI’s lenses, but what really stood out to me was how well my frames held up after year one, then again after the second year of daily wear. I had zero warping, melting, bending or breaking that had plagued me with the previous brand. Outstanding optics and the most durable frames I’ve put through months of sun, heat, sweat and sunscreen without a single flaw. If you’ve been wondering what else is out there for premium fishing optics, I would certainly recommend giving Troy or Tony a call at the Cocoa Beach Outlet. Much like Hogy Lure Company, you’ll get an actual person on the phone to answer any questions right away!”


Chris Connelly
Hooked RI Fishing – Point Judith, Narragansett, Rhode Island
Specialization: Inshore fishing, primarily jigging for striped bass and bluefish with a focus on bottom fish such as fluke and sea bass

  1. Loadout 5-Gallon Bucket ($39.99)
    • “The bucket has a great non-slip ring on the bottom so even in rougher seas, it doesn’t move on the deck. It’s been nice to keep all the bottom gear in an easily accessible place.”
  2. Loadout Caddy ($19.99)
    • “I have used the Yeti bucket with the organizer insert for the last two years. We use the insert to organize bottom fishing gear like weights, pre-made rigs, bucktails/jigs and gulp packs.”
  3. 8″ Flexible Fillet Knife ($31.55)
    • “It’s great for filleting and skinning small/medium sized fish. The 8″ wide is better for larger fish!”
  4. Dexter Russel EDGE – 2 Hand Sharpener 7921 ($31.60)
    • “Easy to use and works well.”
  5. 6.5″ Hogy Pro Tail Paddle ($9.99)
    • “Perfect for any angler in almost any situation targeting any species of fish. A go-to if you don’t know the area well where you’re fishing and are trying to dial in on a method.”


Capt. Derek Bielitz
BND Charter Fishing
Highland, New Jersey
Specialization: Running and gunning for striped bass and drifting over structure while casting and stemming the tide

  1. Jigging World Nexus 761S-MH Spinning Rod ($149.95) or Jigging World Nexus NX701C-H 7′ Heavy Casting Rod ($139.95)
    • “I highly recommend these rods for inshore anglers. These are our go-to rods for inshore species such as stripers, fluke, blues and albies. They’re both lightweight rods with a ton of backbone!”
  2. Avet SXJ 5.3 Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel ($170.99)
    • “A small reel that packs a big bunch. It has a lot of drag and fits great on the jigging world nexus conventional rod.”
  3. OrPine Wash and Wax ($20.00)
    • “A great gift for a boat owner for cleaning up after a long day on the water. Nobody can have enough soap.”
  4. Hogy Slow Tail Series ($7.99)
    • “I haven’t personally used them but they look like a great inshore lure for the shallow water fisherman for blues, stripers and weakfish. And who doesn’t want one of the newest lures on the market!”
  5. Hogy Charter Grade Slider ($12.95 – $29.99)
    • “A great option for an angler looking for a top water plug. Great for inshore bluefish and stripers as well as offshore tuna.”
  6. Berkley X9 Braid ($17.99 – $289.99)
    • “This is one of the strongest, smoothest braided lines on the market. It’s always nice to have fresh line on your reels at the beginning of each season.”
  7. 3.5oz Hogy Sand Eel Jig ($9.99 – $10.99)
    • “A great gift for a striped bass angler as well as those looking for inshore albies and tuna.”
  8. Hogy Pro Tail Paddle ($5.99 – $10.99)
    • “A great gift in all sizes. It’s a versatile lure for both inshore and offshore.”


Capt. Tim O’Rourke
Montauk Point Fly FishingMontauk, New York
Specialization: Fly fishing and light tackle casting for false albies and striped bass

  1. Hogy Charter Grade Popper: 1.5oz (5.5″) Assorted 5 Pack ($55.00)
    • “Great addition to any anglers arsenal. Very effective throughout the season for several species of fish.”
  2. Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet in 10lb, 12lb or 16lb ($12.99 – $19.99)
    • “The fluorocarbon material is really worth its weight.”
  3. Montauk Logo Can Glasses – Set of 4 ($8.00)
    • “Because there’s no better way to end your day with your crew than with a beer.”
  4. Headgate Tippet Holder ($19.95)
    • “Perfect for storing tippet. It holds up to 7 spools of Rio tippet. Allows for quick and easy access to leaders on the boat or on your person when quickly swapping out.”
  5. Men’s Xtratuf North Shore Flip Flop ($65.00)
    • “They work well on a wet deck and the soles don’t mark up the boat. Very comfortable and easy to rinse off if covered in gunk/blood.”


Capt. Brian Stilley
Low Key AnglingKey West, Florida
Specialization:Sight casting to migrating Tarpon on the flats, in back country and along beaches

  1. Hogy 7″ Original ($8.99)
    • “Tarpon and snook love them!”
  2. 1,000 Amp UltraSafe Lithium Battery Jump Starter ($125.95)
    • “I hope to never use this but I carry it in my boat. Carrying this booster gives me the confidence that I can always start the boat and get home. While I have never used it on my boat, I have had to use it on friends boats and it also got me out of a jam with my truck.”
  3. Original Snip Fishing Line Cutter ($12.99)
    • “It cuts any type of mono or braid with ease. I have them stashed all over and I use them regularly. They are super handy and do the job exactly as they should. It even has a re-tractor so you can pin it anywhere and it’ll zip back when you let it go.”
  4. C4 Belts ($20.00 – $40.00)
    • “They are made from a durable thermoplastic material that is waterproof. We all use belts to hold up pants and pliers. The leather and other fabric belts get a little crusty after you get them wet but the C4 belts never do and you can rinse them off. They also donate a percentage of their order earnings to different charities.”
  5. Reefton Polarized Costa del Mar Sunglasses ($199.99)
    • “I am fortunate enough to consider Costa del Mar a partner. I couldn’t do my job without their Reefton 580 glass lenses.”


Capt. Chris Mozitis
Wee Cat ChartersOcean City, New Jersey
Specialization:Vertical jigging for Spanish mackerel 

  1. 5/8oz Hoxy Epoxy Jig Lure ($8.99)
    • “This lure is a Spanish mackerel and albacore magnet, especially in rainbait. You want this lure, in all different sizes, in your tackle box.”
  2. HUK Packable Rain Jacket ($99.99)
    • “This can save your fishing trip when unexpected weather arrives. It has it’s own pocket carrier and takes up almost no space. It’s wind proof, looks great and has kept me dry as the dessert (and on the water) when summer storms have popped up.”
  3. Yo-Zuri Superbraid Blue ($12.99 – $39.99)
    • “This line is unstoppable and has never let me down. It lasts several seasons and has brought in huge fish I never thought would see a net.”


Capt. John Berquist
Drumbeat FishingOuter Banks, North Carolina
Specialization: Sight casting to top water false albacore with a very fast retrieve speed

  1. Weber Original Charcoal Kettle Grille 22in. ($109.00)
    • “On the coast of North Carolina where I live, nothing made of metal lasts longer than a season or two. I stopped buying expensive grills years ago because they rust away so quickly. You can’t beat a piece of fresh Mahi on a charcoal grille after a long day of fishing. These seem to resist the rust a bit longer than the others I’ve used.”
  2. Men’s PFG Terminal Tackle Hoodie ($45.00)
    • “You can’t ever have enough of these. Being on the water all day, the sun protection is terribly important. These lightweight hoodies have great SPF and are cool, fast-drying and comfortable.”
  3. Daiwa BG2500 Saltwater Spinning Reel ($109.99)
    • “I have no affiliation with Daiwa but most of my light charter reels are being switched out to the BG’s. They come with carbon drag washers so there’s no need to swap out the cheap, felt washers that come with many of the more expensive reels. From speckled trout to false albacore, this reel gets it done well for a great price.”
  4. SEAGUAR Blue Label 15lb. Fluorocarbon Leader Material ($11.49)
    • “This is my go-to leader for most of my inshore/near shore trips. It’s easy to knot and holds up well. I always go very light on the leader size with very little drag and I go through roughly 600-yards per season.”
  5. Hogy Epoxy Jig Lures ($7.99 – $24.99)
    • “My favorite Hogy lure product. They come in assorted sizes and colors and make great stocking stuffers!”
  6. Hogy Harness Jigs ($24.95 – $39.99)
    • “Any time we head offshore, a couple of these are rigged and ready to throw, especially in the winter months when we are jigging for Blackfin tuna. Sometimes when they won’t hit anything, the Harness Jig won’t even make it to the bottom before getting smacked by a big Blackfin.”
  7. Hogy Charter Grade Slider 4oz (190mm) Assortment 7 Pack ($175.00)
    • “I love these for a variety of different ocean fishing. I almost always have at least one in a rod holder ready to toss at a school of busting fish.”


Capt. Steve Mason
Beach to Bay Guide Service Eastern Shore, Maryland
Specialization: Fly fishing/sight casting to top water, world class bull red drum

  1. Simms Sungaiter ($22.97 – $39.95)
    • “The sungaiter, in conjunction with the sun shirt, is a great system to keep you protected. It is sizable but not so large that is falls down. It also has a taper to cover the front and back of your neck without bunching up like some of the other offerings. It has vent holes on the front to ensure you are not fogging up you sunglasses when it’s pulled up to you nose.”
  2. Simms SolarFlex Crewneck Shirt ($49.95)
    • “My go-to sungear comes from Simms. THey make some of the best fishing gear out there.Putting in so much time in the sun, these have outperformed every other sun shirt I have tried. They are light enough to wear all day and keep you cool. The crew neck is just high enough to keep you protected but not so high as to make you feel like you’re wearing a turtleneck.”
  3. Stick It Anchor Pins ($69.95 – $198.95)
    • “I was skeptical when I purchased mine as my boat loaded is around 5,000lbs. but in shallow water, it holds it fine and stops it dead. I’ve found it is most effective in the 2 to 4-foot range. It’s a poor man’s power pole!”
  4. Gator Grip GG-38 Bluwater Ruler 38″ ($36.00)
    • “It has a right angle so the fish’s nose can be retained and an accurate measurement can be taken. The numbers don’t wear off and it is indestructible unlike a typical measuring device. Also, you don’t have to adhere to your hull sides or deck. It’s especially great if you fish on multiple boats.”
  5. Hogy 7-inch Original 5 Pack ($8.99)
    • “The pink and white have worked the best for me when  casting to top water red drum.”


Capt. Chris Britton
Grey Ghost Fishing ChartersFish of Stuart, Florida
Specialization: Tarpon fishing

  1. Reefton Polarized Costa del Mar Sunglasses ($199.99)
    • “I recommend the copper or sunrise silver mirror lenses for inshore anglers and blue for offshore anglers. They come in plastic or glass but I prefer the glass 580 lenses.”
  2. Hogy Pro Tail Paddle 5.5-inch (2oz) or 6.5-inch (3oz) ($7.99 – $9.99)
    • “These are great for fishing around structure with current in a variety of colors from bone, black and silver, black, and herring. These are the colors I have found to be the most productive on the east coast of Florida.”
  3. 7-inch Hogy Original 5 Pack ($8.99) paired with the 6/0 1oz Barbarian Jig Head ($4.99)
    • “I recommend this combo for tarpon and snook in bone and black.”
  4. 10-inch Hogy Original 5 Pack ($9.99) paired with the 10/0 Barbarian Jig Head ($4.99)
    • “I also recommend this combo in bone and black for tarpon and snook on the East Coast of Florida.”
  5. SAMSFX Fishing Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Serrated Edge Scissors ($7.99)
    • “I recommend just going to amazon and finding a pair that suits your needs. With everyone now using braid scissors, these are the best way to cut line.”

Capt. Tyler Nonn
Tidewater Charters – Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Specialization: Fly fishing and light tackle fishing for striped bass, red fish and cobia


  1. Simms Challenger Small Tackle Bag ($99.95)
    “This is a great bag for packing for a quick trip.”
  2. Yeti Rambler Tumbler ($24.99)
    “This is the longest lasting coffee cup I have ever had and the news lids are awesome.”
  3. Xtratuf Deck Boots ($95.00)
    “These are great deck boots for all seasons.”
  4. Hogy Slow Tail Series ($7.99) & Hogy Pro Tail Paddle Series ($5.99 – $10.99)
    “They have great action and are a multi-species bait.”


John Burns
CEO of TB12 SportsFoxboro, Massachusetts
Specialization: Sports enthusiast and offshore angler

  1. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag 70L ($159.00)
    • “Works great for your fishing gear and your gym gear.”
  2. TB12 Handle Resistance Band Kit ($160.00)
    • “Perfect for workouts on the go!”
  3. 4oz Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure Half Beak: Tuna Series ($24.99)
    • “Money worth spending for tuna!”


George Fearons
Oyster Harbors MarineMarion, Massachusetts
Specialization: Yacht brokerage

  1. Yeti Panga 50 Duffel Bag ($299.99)
    • “I can throw anything in this bag from my safety gear to my radio to my jacket and I am confident it will stay dry.”
  2. Hogy Epoxy Jig Lures ($7.99 – $24.99)
    • “Great for the albie and bonito run in Buzzards Bay.”
  3. Simms Challenger Jacket ($139.99 – $199.95)
    • “I always have a Simms jacket in my bag.”
  4. Icom M25 Floating 5W Handheld VHF Radio ($99.95)
    • “It’s waterproof and it floats.”
  5. Self-Inflating PFD ($119.99)
    • “I always have a bag I bring with me when I go on a sea trial or a new boat or a brokerage boat. I never know what’s going to be on the boat in regards to safety gear. This new throwable PFD inflates when you throw it and is now allowed to be used as a throwable flotation device under coast guard regulations.”