Offshore Fishing Report – July 7, 2017

Steve Morris from the Vineyard went to Atlantis and East Atlantis earlier this week and they did well on yellowfin up to 50-pounds using canyon bars. There was a lot of life and the fish seem to have settled in.

Jim Young spoke to an angler who went sharking around the Claw recently, and along with a number of blue sharks, he managed a mako as well.

Capt. Mike Hogan shared this report from his trip to the Dump yesterday as well:

“Today was officially my first day offshore for 2017 although I was hardly ready. As of 4:30AM none of my tuna rods had reels attached… So by the time we were leadered up, locked and loaded, we pushed off at 5:45 Am. A “gentleman’s trip” We saw a whale carcass getting munched on by about a half dozen blue sharks. Stinky, but cool to watch. Our goal was to recon as many places as we could. We arrived at the dump at a little after 7AM to find loads of life, birds and Tuna busting. 2 casts later by my friend John Burns with a #4 Hogy Protail, we were tight and a nice 50lb class tuna came through the tuna door shortly thereafter. I was very encouraged as there were a number fish busting. However, by the time we regrouped, the fish had scattered but the bait was still there in droves. (Sand eels) We surveyed the fingers and the claw, and found tons of life across the board but no tuna. Long story short, there is truth to mix of bluefin and yellowfin rumors south of MV on the inside. As a side note, for those who like to play with the big stuff, my good friend Chris Burden battled a large giant for a number of hours yesterday somewhere near the dump. I’d personally give it another 3 to 5 days for the hot and heavy action happens in all the usual places, but it is definitely worth going now. It’s go time for 2017 – Make sure you are ready!!!”